Tips Braces : Surviving First Week of Using Braces

Tips Braces : Surviving First Week of Using Braces

Tips Braces – The hardest part about getting braces is making it through the first week. Your body is getting used to the strange, new pieces of metal in your mouth, and you probably feel a little sore at first. Once you get through the first week, you’re well on your way to a beautifully straight smile.

We will all use the most advanced and high-tech treatment options to ensure your braces or Invisalign experience is as fast, effective and easy as possible. While we’ll help you complete the treatment and soon enough you’ll forget that you’re even wearing braces, there’s an adjustment period. As one of the leading braces providers, we give you all the details you need to know to adapt to your new hardware. Here are our tips braces for your first week using braces.

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To help you feel more comfortable with braces, here is a list of five tips for surviving the first week:

1. Prepare the things needed when leaving the orthodontics clinic

After getting braces, don’t leave the office until you’ve discussed the following:

  • Check the end of the cable. Use your fingers and tongue to make sure the cord doesn’t extend into areas that might puncture your cheek or travel up your tongue in the wrong way.
  • Understand the next steps. Make sure you ask lots of questions to make sure you know what to do before your next appointment, which may include wearing headgear, using elastic, following certain hygiene recommendations, and more.
  • Check your supplies again. Ask for lots of dental wax, cleaning aids, rubber bands, or other related materials you may need before your next orthodontist appointment.

2. Be careful what you eat with braces and keep consume friendly food also drinks

You are obliged to always pay attention to food and drink when you are wearing braces, we strongly recommend that you only eat softer foods in the first days while your mouth and teeth adjust. Chewing gum that contains sugar can cause damage to your teeth and braces.

We’ll fill you in on what to eat with braces the first week and beyond at your consultation. Your first day with braces or even your first several days, your teeth will be sensitive as we said, so sticking with soft foods and cold drinks is your best bet. Things like mashed potatoes, smoothies, applesauce, soup, pudding, yogurt, ice cream and ice water are great options. Cold beverages have the added bonus of numbing your mouth.

Once you are acclimated to your braces, you can go back to eating most of the foods you love. However, you will want to avoid really hard, sticky or chewy foods like caramel, toffee, popcorn, hard bagels, tough meats, nuts and pizza crust or anything that can damage your braces. You also shouldn’t bite or tear directly into foods like raw apples and carrots or corn on the cob. Instead, strip corn off the cob and cut foods into small, bite-sized pieces and chew with your back teeth.

3. You can use wax to fight sores in your mouth

The brackets are designed to be soft in your mouth, but can rub against the soft skin in your mouth and cause irritation as you get used to them. Over time, your skin will harden and you won’t continue to have sore spots. Until then, it is best to use the candles we provide to relieve any discomfort.

4. Learn How To Handle Emergency Braces

The true emergency of braces is very rare. However, there may be some inconvenience and minor accidents can happen to you. Knowing how to handle them at home can help you feel more confident during the first few days of braces and during treatment. These are common constraints:

  • Soreness – As we mentioned , your teeth can ache after you first put the braces and go through the adjustments. Again, sticking to cold snacks and drinks will work wonders. You can also use an over-the-counter salt water rinse or pain reliever if you still feel discomfort.
  • Broken or Loose Bracket Braces – If your braces are still attached to the cables, do not remove them. Gently push it back into the correct place and then cover it with a small piece of orthodontic wax. If the bracket breaks and falls off your wire, wrap a piece of tissue around it and remove it from your mouth. Make sure to call our office so we can schedule you to make an appointment to fix it.

5. Rinse your mouth with salt water

If you experience severe irritation, we recommend gargling with a warm salt water solution five or six times a day for 30 seconds at a time. Add half a teaspoon of table salt to one cup of warm water. The salt water will help relieve pain and allow the area to heal faster.

6. Be practice good oral hygiene

Use the toothbrush you provide to clean your teeth after eating, and make sure any food may get caught in your bracket. Don’t forget to follow a routine of brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing regularly. Implementing this habit early in your braces journey will help ensure that you don’t have problems later on.

Everyone adapts to the discomfort of braces differently, but following these steps will make your journey to straight teeth a lot more enjoyable. Once you’ve made it through the first few days, you won’t even notice your braces.


Benefits of Teeth Whitening in Bali that you Must Know!

Benefits of Teeth Whitening in Bali that you Must Know!

Teeth Whitening in Bali – Everyone of course wants whiter and brighter and cleaner teeth. After all, whiter, brighter and cleaner teeth can change your appearance for the better and increase your confidence. But did you know about teeth whitening treatment? What is it and how? 

Finding out care information is very helpful in decision making. Do I need to whiten my teeth? Are teeth whitening treatments dangerous? Here is some more information about teeth whitening treatment: 

What is Teeth Whitening?  

Teeth whitening or also called teeth bleaching is the process of enlightening the color of teeth that increases whitening on your teeth. Teeth whitening in Bali is often desirable when teeth turn yellow over time for a number of reasons, teeth whitening can be achieved by changing the intrinsic or extrinsic color of the tooth email. 

Benefits of Teeth Whitening in Bali that you Must Know!  

There are several benefits of Teeth Whitening in Bali that you should know. First, improve the appearance. Most adults appreciate an attractive smile as part of their appearance. Brighter, whiter smiles tend to make everyone feel more confident in themselves. 

Are Teeth Whitening in Bali Dangerous?

A dentist’s Whitening in Bali should be able to make the patient feel comfortable. Treatment with a professional dentist is the right choice, so patients know dental Teeth Whitening treatment will not harm them. Product that are sold freely do not provide that. Consultation with Doctor Sulastry before undergoing to teeth whitening treatment.

Who can do Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Teeth whitening treatment in Bali does not apply to everyone. At least you do not have cavities and for the reasons already mentioned, or discoloration for your teeth, then you can treat teeth bleaching.

Things to look out for before doing teeth whitening!  

Things to note before doing teeth whitening can not be done carelessly should be accompanied by an experienced doctor, According to a study published in the journal titled “Tooth whitening in children and adolescents: a literature review” in 2005 there are a variety of conditions that should be completed for those of you who want to perform the procedure of whitening teeth.  

– Dry mouth and enzyme disorders in the mouth   

– Indigestion  

– Asthma  

– Complaints of bad breath  

– Brittle and Broken Teeth  

– Erosion of tooth enamel  

– Poor dental health  

In addition to the above mentioned, patients who have shallow and deep cavities, hypersensitivity teeth condition, or patches of damaged teeth should do treatment first and consult with Doctor Sulastry before performing teeth whitening. 

How the hell do you keep your teeth white and durable?  

After undergoing treatment, you must have a new dental hygiene routine. Brushing your teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash are things you can do to get used to taking care of your teeth. Electronic toothbrushes can ensure proper range throughout the teeth. You should also avoid smoking and drinking sodas and colored beverages. The food and drink accelerates the discoloration of the teeth, from bright white to dull yellow.  

Before proceeding to alternative teeth whitening, it is recommended that patients come to Doctor Sulastry clinic to undergo a comprehensive oral examination consisting of a complete medical, dental, and social history. Doctor Sulastry can provide answers to any of your most appropriate questions about teeth whitening treatment.