Characteristics of Non-genuine Brace, a.k.a Fake

Characteristics of Non-genuine Brace, a.k.a Fake

Characteristics of Non-genuine Braces – In order to get a perfect appearance, teeth tidiness is also the main factor. Therefore, many people are willing to use braces. But did you know that there are fake braces that are often circulating today? If you don’t know about it, you must read this articles about characteristics of non-genuine braces.

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What are fake braces?

Fake braces are mostly worn by teenagers who just want to keep up with trends. Maybe they want to quickly create the perfect look. Fake braces are usually made of a piece of wire that is glued to your teeth. The wires will be attached to the outside of the tooth. Then glued around the back molars to secure the braces in place.

That is why it makes orthodontic treatment seen as a symbol of prosperity. Braces are usually administered at a high cost. As a result, nowadays there are many fake braces circulating. Which even though it can disrupt the health of your teeth.

If you know, the purpose of wearing braces should be to position the teeth in place of origin. Orthodontic appliances are used by orthodontists to move your teeth if something is out of alignment.

Usually, fake braces are repaired in just 3-5 months. Over time, the glue that sticks to the denture braces can no longer stick properly. However, it depends on the teenager whether they want to fix it for longer or not.

Before you know about the characteristics of non-genuine braces, you need to know about how this fake braces can affect your oral healthy.

Risk of fake braces

Fake braces are usually made of a piece of wire that is glued to your teeth. The wires will be attached to the outside of the tooth and then glued around the back molars to secure the braces in place.

Unlike real braces, fake braces are installed by yourself, or usually can be installed by people who work in beauty salons, as well as illegal street vendors. Of course this adds to the risk of misplacing it.

The rubber on fake braces is usually made of only colorful rubber bands and uses pieces that are shaped like cartoon icons to make them more eye-catching.

The fake wire equipment may have aesthetic appeal to teenagers. But the consequences of wearing braces that are not installed by a doctor are far from safe. It’s even lead to deadly diseases of the teeth and mouth. Instead of producing a good shape, it actually causes interference with teeth.

Differences between real braces and fake braces

You better have to be careful not to be fooled. What are the differences between real and fake braces?

  • The real difference is the use of real braces that will be directly used by doctors or medical personnel who are experts. However, the use of fake braces is usually installed by anyone or not even an expert.
  • In addition, real braces are always attached to the teeth and bottom at the same time. Whereas fake ones can be attached to only one part, for example only the top.
  • Typically, the cost of installing natural braces ranges from four to five million. While the fake is very affordable, starting from the price of hundreds of thousands of rupiah, you can get it. You can imagine if the price is very far away, then it could be that the materials used are of course different.
  • Natural braces require you to come to a specialist who is in their field. Meanwhile, if the braces are dentures, you can attach them yourself at any time.

If you feel some awkwardness like the one above, be careful and don’t be fooled.

The materials used can both be made from wire or stainless steel, but the quality between real and fake is certainly different.

In addition to the cost of installing braces and the type of material, you also need to look at the cost of dental care and maintenance while wearing your teeth.

How are these fake braces being fixed?

The fake braces are repaired by the buyer himself. They can find tutorials showing how to fix fake braces on social media. There are also services provided to repair false braces in hotels or door-to-door customers.

It differs from real braces treatment in that a licensed and experienced orthodontist will repair their orthodontic appliance. They will also usually explain how to care for the equipment after fixation.


The stain from the glue can rub off on the tooth’s surface. Dental caries and bleeding gums can occur because there is no explanation for how to care for the teeth after insertion. Oral hygiene instructions are not provided to buyers of dentures.

In addition, fixing dentures in some way can cause tooth movement. Although the movement is minimal, there have been several cases reported causing tooth mobility and almost dislodging of the gums.


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