Impact of Careless Veneers Installation for Your Teeth

Impact of Careless Veneers Installation for Your Teeth

Impact of Careless Veneers Installation – Dental veneers are a common process used to improve the appearance of teeth. A doctor who puts a layer of porcelain or resin coating on the teeth so that they cover the defects.

However, please note that these dental veneers must be professionally installed by an expert, namely a dentist. On social media there are many stories of people carelessly changing tooth veneers with messy results.

How can anyone wear veneers carelessly?

Trends in the world of beauty continue to grow, one of which is dental veneers. Many artists both from within and outside the country do this treatment because they are believed to be able to make smiles even more beautiful.

Teeth veneers are tempting for many people, because through this treatment their teeth can be trimmed and made bright white like a toothpaste advertisement on television.

There are several grades of veneers, whether you want a natural white or a completely porcelain white. It can all be arranged according to your wishes as a patient, of course.

However, the dental veneer procedure is not as easy as anyone thinks or performs. Before starting, the patient’s teeth need to be extracted first to find out which part of the tooth needs to be scrapped to be tidied up.

Many people think that dental veneers can be done alone or even ask a dentist to help. That is very dangerous, because we do not know whether the equipment used is sterile? and Safe? Don’t let it endanger the health of your teeth.

There have been many cases of patients who have become victims of fake dental veneers. The patient’s teeth became thicker, making it harder to chew.

If so, the patient must sacrifice time and of course spend to treat the teeth. Therefore, to be more careful in choosing treatments and try to go to an expert so that safety is guaranteed.

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Impact of Careless Veneers Installation

1. The rest of the food is stuck

Layers of veneers that are placed carelessly, for example connected to each other, can create gaps where food debris sticks to the gums that cannot be brushed. In the long run, this food residue will accumulate, inviting more and more bacteria to multiply.

2. Bleeding gums

When bacteria are easy to breed due to messy veneers, what is called gum inflammation (gingivitis) can occur. The signs are that the gums look swollen, red and bleed easily, especially when brushing.

This inflammatory problem can lead to a more serious condition, namely gum infection.

3. Gums can be injured

Due to the buildup of dirt on the gums if it turns out that the edges of the veneer layer that are installed are also too sharp, the result is that the veneer that is affixed too punctures into the gum gap.

4. Bad breath

What happens if the dirt in your mouth can’t be cleaned completely due to messy veneers? The immediate impact is bad breath (halitosis). As long as the residue is not cleaned, how often you brush your teeth or rinsing your mouth won’t help fix it.

5. Messy teeth

Due to careless placement of veneers, it is not uncommon for the final result to make the tooth formation look messy.


Be careful about impact of careless veneers installation. Fake veneers can damage teeth, damage the gums, become a place for germs to breed, increase tartar, bleeding gums, swollen gums, bad breath, and do not rule out triggering other diseases.

For those of you who want to install veneers that are good, healthy, and meet the standards, please come to your dentist, or the nearest dentist in your city. Dentist is a profession that has competence in treating your teeth and mouth. Also if you are live in Bali, you can go to us in Doctor Sulastry.


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