Teeth Scaling for Health

Teeth Scaling for Health

Teeth scaling for health is a non-surgical procedure that is performed to clean and remove plaque and tartar on the teeth. Plaques formed from bacteria and food waste in the mouth are that is allowed to harder and rarely brush teeth from tartar. Tartar and plaque contain millions of bacteria and if they are not cleaned regularly, they can cause disease, moreover, tartar and plaque that has continued to harden will be very difficult to remove with regular brushing, so it requires special tools through tooth scaling procedure.  

Did you know that the benefits of teeth scaling for health and the process need to be known so that teeth are always maintained? Especially if you don’t pay attention to oral health, it can cause various diseases in other parts of the body as well.

Cleaning the tartar   

As mentioned earlier, tooth scaling is a tartar cleaning procedure. Cleaning tartar is done using an ultrasound scaler. The tartar and plaque make teeth appear untreated. Usually, hardened plaques tend to be dull in color, usually brownish yellow to black. The ultrasonic scaler will produce vibrations that destroy and knock out the tartar in between to the deepest part of the tooth.  

Not only cleaning the plaque on the teeth, but this tool also cleans the tartar in the gum line that is difficult to reach with a bristle toothbrush, Because the tartar is not easy to clean just by brushing your teeth, but you also need to go to the dentist to undergo a thorough cleaning of the tartar. Scaling can clean even very hard tartar. You are advised to clean your teeth regularly every 6 months. But for severe cases, scaling can be done once every 3 months. Scaling not only cleans teeth from plaque and tartar but can also prevent the appearance of various diseases. 


The next benefit of cleaning teeth is that it can prevent gingivitis. Tartar that is left to continue to harden and cause gingivitis, you know not gingivitis is an inflammation or inflammation that hits the soft tissues around the teeth or gingival tissue. This condition makes the gums inflamed, swollen, and easily bleeding, Over time, caries on the teeth can also occur, therefore, you can treat the teeth by scaling the teeth to prevent them.  


With regard to gingivitis, If not treated immediately it will be more severe and cause periodontitis. Therefore, it is concerned with cleaning gifi to prevent periodontisitis or gum infection that damages the dental buffer tissue. The disease causes the onset of pockets that create a distance between the gums and teeth. When the bag is filled with nakteri, the immune system naturally releases the substance ki,it to fight the bacteria.  

Reactions of chemicals released by the body and bacteria can damage the bones of teeth, causing the bones, gums and gum support tissue to be destroyed. Without proper treatment, periodontitis can cause loose teeth or dates.  

Heart Disease   

Bacteria contained in tartar can infect dental buffer tissue and can spread throughout the body. In fact, quoted from WebMD, bacteria that cause gum disease can also increase the risk of heart disease. The bacteria enter the bloodstream and can spread to other organs such as the heart. Therefore, the benefits of teeth scaling as one of the best ways to clean the tartar can prevent the onset of various diseases. 

Before Teeth Scaling  

Before teeth scaling for health, you need to undergo several tests first, such as:  

Medical history check.   

Before performing a dental examination, your doctor will check your medical history, including your history of allergies or medical conditions. This is done to prevent various risks that may occur..  

You should tell your doctor if you have ever experienced an allergic reaction to the ingredients contained in the anesthetic, or are taking medications, supplements, or herbal products, especially blood-thinning drugs (anticoagulants). The doctor will advise the patient to temporarily discontinue the use of anticoagulant drugs to prevent the risk of bleeding.  

Also, let your doctor know if you’re using an artificial joint (prosthetic). The doctor will administer antibiotics to reduce the risk of side effects. You should also tell your doctor if you have heart valve disease or use an artificial heart valve and if you have ever undergone an organ transplant procedure.  

Examination of dental and oral conditions.   

Next, the doctor will examine and identify the location of plaque and tartar with a special small mirror.  

Teeth Scaling Procedure  

Steps taken by the doctor during the dental scaling procedure include:  

– The dentist will provide local anesthesia to relieve any pain that may arise during the plaque and tartar cleaning process.  

– The doctor begins the process of cleaning the tartar by using an ultrasonic wave scraper that can emit vibrations and remove plaque and tartar. It can also emit cold smoke from the water to clean the rest of the plaque and tartar.  

– Once the plaques and corals around the tooth email are cleaned, the doctor will use a manual scraper or scaler with a pointed tip to clean the plaques and corals in areas unreachable by ultrasonic scrapers.  

– During the process of cleaning the plaque and tartar, the doctor will ask you to gargle and remove it so that the rest of the plaque in the mouth can be lost.  

– The last step, the doctor will polish the cleaned teeth with a polisher equipped with soft rubber at the end.  

Tooth scaling can be completed in one visit lasting 30-120 minutes, depending on the condition and number of plaques and tartar. 

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